I got really angry while walking into town today…

A bunch from the Scottish Socialist party or whatever were pleading for peeps to sign a petition. The petition was against North Ayrshire council who apparently only give £2.50 an hour wage to young apprentices inspite the national minimum wage is around £6.10. Now I thought to myself, yeah I’ll sign the petition its totally unfair. So I proceeded towards the guy with the pen and paper. There were two elderly ladies in front of me and this is where it just got to me. They were having a conversation about the state of affairs in this fine country of ours and lo and behold the same old bullshit comes out.

“it’s all these foreigners coming in and taking over our jobs that’s the problem”

You know what old lady? FUCK YOU and your ignorant motherfucking views. Why the fuck do you think these foreigners take the jobs? Because they’re fucking willing to do anything to have one unlike the ones that sponge off the system, which by the way these foreigners contribute to. If you are going to rant then rant about the amount of junkies, useless dickheads and the snobs who sniff at the jobs that these foreigners are only willing to take. I do agree with you that there’s a social problem in this country but please, please don’t come out with that bullshit about foreigners taking over the jobs.

Needless to say I laughed at her views, had my say(politely) then took Maisie to soft play. I would have just gotten into a shouting match with an old lady.

Oh, and I didn’t sign the petition as the guy was agreeing with her and I don’t like to associate myself with idiots and bigots.

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Posted on Saturday, 4 August
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  1. oursarah said: I have this argument with my mother in law every month or so. She is the most ignorant, racist person I have ever met and it makes me so angry.
  2. lazydad said: Ugh. People.
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