I got to finally watch this gem of a film the other night with a couple of friends. Man alive, I have never laughed so much. Seriously, I highly recommend watching it BUT with friends and not by yourself.

So apparently this is what the wee yin thinks I look like using the hair salon app.


Robocrap - I wanted to give a new Robocop design a try. :)




The new Godzilla, ladies and gentlemen.

Apparently this Godzilla will be more of a “force of nature” as opposed to a protagonist or antagonist

So an anti-hero, kind of

Loving the design btw

Yes!!! I’m so fucking glad it’s closer to the original Gojira. So much better than that abomination from the 1998 film.

Ready for another BBQ! This time at my mum’s house.

Jumbo sausages
Sweet chilli chicken
Chinese glazed ribs
Peppered steak skewers
Piri-piri steak skewers
Soy and balsamic vinegar marinade pork skewers

I’m ready to put on a few pounds today!

Annnnnnnnnd another one from the weekend. What can I say?!? I love my sleep. I also slept on the journey back from Clyde Falls.

This was pretty much my whole weekend, with an awesome BBQ with the in-laws in between.

What is this?!? Oreos for ants!?!?!


Art Story Kickstarter by Aaron Blaise & Chuck Williams

Sometimes a Kickstarter comes along and you want to go straight to the bank and withdraw everything you have and just throw all your money at the computer screen - this is one of those times.

Veteran Disney animators Aaron Blaise & Chuck Williams have joined forces to create something pretty magical - ART STORY!

It’s a story about an 11-year-old, meticulous boy, WALT, and his crazy, loopy GRANDPA — two complete opposites — who get stuck in a vast, imaginative WORLD OF PAINTINGS. Inside, they cross paths with a ruthless painted character determined to make it into our world. In order to get home and stop the villain, Walt and Grandpa have to set aside their differences, work together and navigate worlds where the rules can change around every corner.

It’s structured like a hilarious, character-driven, buddy picture (“Planes, Trains & Automobiles,” “I Love You, Man” etc.), but takes place INSIDE THE WORLD OF SOME OF THE GREAT MASTER PAINTINGS OF ALL TIME … where the characters change their appearance to match the style of each painting — and meet lots of wildly entertaining characters. It also explores and was inspired by that special relationship between a grandchild and their grandparent — not something you see often in films nowadays.

Joan Gratz gave us a great look into how the world of animation and fine art can blend in her Academy Award winning short, Mona Lisa Descending A Staircase. And I think Art Story is something that would take that to the next level.

Art Story looks and sounds like it could be a really great and thought provoking film. I highly recommend checking out and possibly donating to the films KICKSTARTER.

For more information check out a short interview that Aaron Blaise & Chuck Williams did over at Aint it Cool News.


This will be my first use of kickstarter


A couple of lazy lumps.

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Cannot bloody wait to watch this!!

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4 minutes of reserved intro and then this happens! This is why I love this show.

Oh Yeah!!!!! Luther is back for season 3….